The Archive Collections: Leaders In Paleontology

Our Leaders In Paleontology are professionals chosen for their compelling roles as individuals, researchers, and teachers.

The Archives also include materials from:

  • Don Badman
  • Carleton Brett
  • J. Thomas Dutro Jr.
  • Helen and Floyd Hodson
  • S. C. Hollister
  • Don Kissiling
  • William F. Klose
  • Donald Malick
  • Carlotta Maury
  • James McLean
  • Axel Olsson
  • Dorothy Palmer
  • William D. Pitt
  • Helen Plummer
  • John Pojeta Jr.
  • B. Smith
  • E. R. Smith
  • Julian Smith
  • Emily and Harold Vokes
  • Norman Weisbord
  • John Wells
  • Maynard White
  • William Zinsmeister

Many of these collections have not yet been cataloged. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

The PRI Specimen Collections include fossils and modern specimens donated, identified, and/or described by many of the scientists featured in our Archives. To search for these materials, please visit the  PRI Specimen Collections Database.